TTR: The Ultimate Podcast - Ep. 13

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This week started strong with a fantastic WrestleMania, an extraordinary RAW, and then we got socked in the gut with a round house right.  This week wrestling fans lost one of the greatest. We reflect back on the Ultimate Warrior's career, his HOF speech and most importantly his Monday Night Raw eulogy-esque for himself.

TTR... and now...The Bad Guy

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What would Rick and Carlos do if they were the head bookers of WWE?  I'll bet that is what you always wanted to know!  Well this week you will finally find out!!  We talk about what the WWE should do and where we wish it would go.  All this plus new and rumors and we are only one day away from Wrestlemania!  You have to listen to this stuff.

TTR: enter the Ladies

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We are one week away from Wrestlemania and for the first time every a woman is in the ring of fire studios.  This week we the discussion is all about Wrestlemania.  We give our predictions for the matches and discuss all the story lines.  So its time to plug and and listen to the best wrestling podcast made by fans for fans.  Dig it!

TTR: Masses of Asses Ep. 10

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And we're baaaaack! Rick returns from his "injury" and we have TWO special guests on the show this week!  Plus we'll talk about all the wrestling news and give our top 5 wrestlers we'd love to see come back for the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal! Who would you like to see come back?

TTR: Yestlemania Ep. 9

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YES! YES! YES! YES! It's happening at the now dubbed Yestlemania! WHooohoo! Dbry vs. HHH and if DBry wins he's in the Main Event. We discuss that this week with a ton of other crazy news. And a secret special HOFamer calls into the TTR Hotline. 

TTR: Segue Ep. 8

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Ooooooooooohhhh you didn't know? Well, dammit stop reading this and start listening to the podcast! This week we discuss the WWE Network, CM Punk, Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and segueeeeeeeeee into a No Holds Barred Discussion Segment that Rick takes over to discuss how delicious eating ass tastes.

TTR: Network Is Busy, Try Again Ep. 7

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It's me, it's me... it's TT... R? Well that didn't rhyme, but you get the idea.  This week we dive into some nasty news. And when we say nasty we mean, smelling, disgusting, make ya wanna vomit, unless you're Techie Mike, nasty.

Then we hit it hard in the NHB (No Hold's Barred), see what I did there, discussion segment about the WWE Network. It's about to get Rowdy Rowdy and Bowdeeeee Bowdeeeee...

TTR: Eliminate The Pants Ep.6

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Don't get too turned on... well, turn on the podcast, because we're back.  Does someone really eliminate their pants on this episode? Guess there's only one way to find out! Listen while we discuss the latest news in wrestling including Big Daddy V's passing, WWE network and WWE's deal with NBCU.

Also, we have an awesome Elimination Chamber No Holds Barred seg... Diiiiiiiiiggg it!

Tag Team Report E05: Intercontinental Chumps?

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We're back with another installment of your favorite Wrestling Podcast!  On this week's episode we talk dive into the subject of the Mid Card division.  Is it full of superstars that are waiting to breakout out into the main event, or will they forever be squashed by the John Cena's of the world?

Tell your friends, tell your hoes, tell your friend's hoes... It's TTR!

TTR Volume 3 Episode 4 - February 8, 2014

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It's Mighty Morphin' Clobberin' Time!!! The best podcast in the world is back with an episode that will leaving you wanting more (of our sexy voices).  This week we discuss CM Punk fighting MMA against Jason David Frank, Beth Phoenix & Edge's new baby girl, Sting coming to WWE??

And a special... TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS No Holds Barred discussion segment!  Fall 1, are wrestling fans too passionate? Fall 2, what's the best Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match. And Fall 3? Well you'll have to see if we go that far.